The “I Like” Page

A while back, I saw a book that you could buy where you wrote down things you like about your child everyday.  I loved the idea and as such, this page is simply a continuing list of things that I like about our son, S. As S grows and we learn even more things that we love about him, I will add them to the list!


I like that S loves to give and receive hugs

I like when S says his name and he adds “me” to the end of it, while pointing at himself

I like how genuinely excited S becomes when we enter a shoe store

I like how society has yet to tarnish him and, as a result, he always goes for the pink sparkly shoes, because those are the ones that he really likes

I like when S pats my back when he gives me hugs

I like when S curls up on top of me and digs his feet into my belly

I like when he tries to do the ‘dancey dance’ on Yo Gabba Gabba

I like that our kid loves to eat seaweed salad…with chop sticks

I like that S ‘practices’ skateboarding on his balance board, while watching skateboard videos

I like when S fist pumps to the opening song on the show “The Office”

I like that even when S is not around, Daddy J and I find ourselves fist pumping to the opening song on the show “The Office”

I like how genuine S is with everything. His emotions are never hidden, never fake and never for the benefit of anyone else. He is who he is and he is damn proud of it

I like when S says ‘hand’ and grabs one of our hands so that he can lead us somewhere

I like how S says “peeeeeeeepound!” when he tries to say ‘playground’

I like how S always skips number 4 when counting to 13. Sometimes, he says 5 twice!

I like how S can captivate an entire room, just by eating a pretzel. THAT is how cute he is… people will just sit and marvel at him while he eats.

I like that when S thinks something is funny, that often, instead of laughing, he will say “that’s funny!”

I like that S thinks that hugging is an activity in and of itself and would be content doing so all day long.

I like that S will use multiple adjectives when describing something like: “the big, loud, green truck”

I like that one of S’s favorite activities is “letter art” (peeling off foam sticky letters and putting them on paper)

I love that S says “buh” in front of words he can’t pronounce yet: buhdrator (refrigerator), buhdraf (giraffe) buhnastics (gymnastics)

I love that my kisses really do make him feel better

I love that he loves our kitty- P. Alfred Bug – so much

I love that S already has an amazing sense of style. (as I wash his puma shirt for the 50th time)

I love seeing how much S loves his daddy and I love watching the two of them together

I like that S talks about “having tons of friends” and that he feels so loved.

I like that S is starting to share his feelings with us.

I like that S now thinks that “skateboards are for babies” and that he likes “big kid stuff now, like spider-man and science”.

I like that S knows that he is smart and that it is worth persevering if something is hard.

I like that S loves to ice skate.

I like that even though I can no longer reach his toes when we snuggle, he will bend his legs so that I can snuggle his “feetsie toes”.

I like that S still loves his cats more than pretty much anything in the world.

I LOVE that S doesn’t see anyone’s differences as a negative. He thinks your bald head is cool, your wheel chair must be awesome for tricks and that the color of your skin means about as much as the color of your shirt.

I like that S has an IEP goal to hug less. Seriously, he needs to work on hugging less.

I like that S is an endless source of genuine compliments. He loves your shoes, your smile, your hugs, your achievements, your jokes, your haircut, your cooking and your laugh. And he won’t hesitate to tell you.

I like that S is genuinely happy to see others succeed and will be the first to congratulate you… whether its for running a marathon or putting the dishes away.

I like that S is so appreciative of everything we do, that after a night of vomiting every hour, he drug his weak little body out of bed, walked to his room and came out with medals for us to wear around our necks for “being the best mommy and daddy ever and taking care of me”.

I like that at least once a week, S thanks us for taking such good care of him and taking him to do fun things.

I like that S is genuinely enjoying childhood and isn’t afraid to show it.