He’s Eligible!!!!!

by J

I haven’t been writing much this last month- we moved, I had an out of town wedding and most importantly, we have been enjoying the nicer weather around these parts.

I am pleased to inform you though, that earlier this month we had S’s eligibility meeting. It was my first IEP meeting and I was quite nervous. It extended almost 2 hours and S’s long time teacher even came to present a clear picture of S. Since he looks so great on paper, I was really glad that he had such great support from his providers! When the meeting was finally over, I wasn’t quite clear that S was eligible. My husband said that I clarified THREE times with the psychologist just to make sure. As soon as I got in the car I broke into tears- it was so hard to hold in for the entire meeting as my nerves had the better of me.

So, that is great news! Now we are just waiting for his placement meeting; which is on Tuesday. I have a very specific placement I want for him. I have a specific school, teacher and length that I, along with the rest of his current providers, feel would be the best fit for him. Luckily, we have already received his proposed IEP in the mail, and his teacher says it looks like a classroom placement. Let’s hope he gets the one he needs!

I will say, though, that enough people are pulling for him- and I hope that helps. Its amazing really, the amount of support he has. One person on the team has never even met him and has been jumping through hoops for him like crazy. I’m nervous to have to move on from his current team, but excited for the next step. He has come so far this past year and a half- I can’t wait to see what next year brings!