What a Difference a Day Can Make

by J

Just yesterday, I blogged about S and his ‘off day’ the day prior. Every transition was difficult and his mood was sour. Then, yesterday, it was like a switch had been flicked and a happy, easy going boy rose from his bed.

Breakfast was easy. Getting dressed was stress free. We painted easter eggs. We read stories. We went for a walk. We saw birds in a bush and talked about them. We had a peaceful lunch, in a restaurant, with a friend… for an hour. We made dinner. We went for an evening stroll to the peeeepound. And, finally, we had a somewhat stress-free bedtime.

Yesterday was one of those days that was how I always pictured parenting a two year old would be. Fun with art. Fun with walks. Relating to each other throughout the day. Our little genius even told us that “P is for pour. K is for quack. S is for sailboat. K is for kite, and crock pot and crocks.” (Seriously, I have never connected these sounds for him before. These were not scripted statements… that makes him a genius, right?)

Either way, it is interesting what a difference a day can make. Most days are not as difficult as the day before, and very few are as sweet as yesterday. It sure is nice to have those good days though; and I know one thing, I will never take one for granted.