New Year, New Resolutions

by J

Well, a new year is upon us! 2012 brought about many changes for our family… Our son, S, was diagnosed with autism before the age of two; I left one of my two full-time jobs to be better able to address his needs; my sister, and best friend, moved to the USVIs, and my husband and I decided to walk away from our home. To say that 2012 was a big year, with many changes and adjustments, is an understatement.

But, I look forward to 2013!

I look forward to being more comfortable and confident with S’s diagnosis. I look forward to starting our life in our new home, I look forward to more wonderful days spent with our son, and with any luck, I look forward to visiting my sister in paradise!

With each new year, new resolutions are made, yet few are often kept. This year; however, I plan to follow through as my only resolutions are to enjoy my son, right where he is… period; and to get more involved in our local autism community.

Bring it on 2013!!