“I Like Mommy”: Things That Make Your Heart Melt

by J

S has never been much of a laugher. He was always a happy child, but we didn’t hear a real, true laugh until he was about a year old. My concerns over this were swiftly made lite of by S’s former pediatrician. “If he is babbling, you have nothing to worry about” he would say. Now I know better. S laughs now, but even though he is still very happy, the laughs don’t come very often.

Last night, while giving S his bubble bath,  I started to play a game where I would scoop up the bubbles in my hand and then give them a solid blow- sending them flying through the air and all over S. The laughter was contagious. I’m not sure I’ve ever really heard him laugh so hard for so long. And, as if this round of belly laughs from our sweet little boy wasn’t enough, his laugher paused for a second and while catching his breath he said:

“I like mommy”.

Heart. Melt. OMG.

Now for most parents of a two year old, hearing an expression- a verbal expression- of love might be something one expects or possibly even takes for granted. But, for a child that we thought would never speak, from whom we thought we would never hear those words, this was an amazing moment. I could have stood in it for an eternity. However, no sooner did S catch his breath that he requested more bubbles and we went back to our game. Fine by me- I could listen his laughter forever.

I’ve always known that S cares for us. It shows in his hugs, his smiles and even without those- in his happy demeanor. However, as a parent, it is still nice to hear it.