The Good Days

by J

As I have mentioned, the last two weeks with S have been very trying. I quit my job and pulled him from daycare- the same week that his therapy group at school went on summer break for two weeks. With all of the changes, and lack of school, S backslid such a great deal. The days were long and my patience was thin. I was genuinely beginning to wonder if my staying home with him was the best choice. I was tired. I was scared. I was sad. I was overwhelmed.

Then came yesterday.

Yesterday was such a great day. This blog is so young and I have really only shared our struggles so far. Well, autism doesn’t only have struggles; there are many good times and I feel it is really important to share the good days as well. So, here is some good stuff for you…

Yesterday, S didn’t ask for shoes until about 11 am- which is amazing. He ate well. He napped well. We played. We read. We played some more. During art time, I drew a stick figure and totally unprompted, he said “shoes!” and scribbled where the person’s shoes would go. His teacher said that was advanced for even a typically developing two year old. I built upon this and, following my requests, S added eyes, hands and a hat. Granted, it didn’t look even remotely like a person when we were finished, but it was pretty cool to see the connections he made. There will be plenty of time to hone in on his artistic abilities!

Then, after all of this fun, we took an early evening trip to the “peeeeeeeepound!!!!!!!”. (That is S for “playground”). Wow, we had such a nice time. He played on the slides, climbed the stairs, walked along the water, played with the bubble gun, had a snack and S watched me swing. He didn’t want to swing himself, he wanted “Mommy sit! Mommy swink!” It was a little odd having my two year old watch me swing not the other way around, but it was wonderful just the same. S didn’t want anything to do with the other children, but luckily we had the place to ourselves most of the time. In a way, that was great because autism wasn’t in the forefront. It had a chance to step aside and allow S to explore and play and not worry about other kids being around.

I also took several photos of S and a few of them may be my favorite of him-ever. I’m so glad that I have those photos to remember the day… one of the good days. And really, there are a lot of good days. Today has also been great and it is days like these that give me hope. They give me a sense that my family is somewhat normal and reminds me that there will be many more good days to come. And, granted, while there will be many more days like the ones we had the last two weeks, it is the days like yesterday that I need to remember and focus on during the rough times.

I am going to print some large prints from our trip to the “Peeeeeeepound!” and hang them on the wall as a constant reminder of each day’s potential. And, I promise to report back on the good days to come! I intend to report back often :0)